Video and written reviews for cubes, smart cubes, timers and other things that you might want to use


One of the OG cubing YouTubers, Shawn brings us timely, up-to-date reviews of almost all the cubes coming out, plus a decade worth of older reviews


With more than 1.5Mio subscribers, Dylan makes a lot of content, and quite a bit of it is on new (and old) hardware, new puzzles and how to solve them

Bas's cube reviews

From yours truly, my attempt at creating written reviews for those old enough to remember how to read instead of watching videos


To continue the list of OG youtubers, Ming covers an infinite amount of topics, and regularly makes hardware reviews, with brilliant focus on non-standard cubes and events, from mods to miniature cubes to other quirky puzzles.

Jeed's HW Guide

It's a google sheet and it looks like one, but it has a ton of very good info

Frosty's HW Guide

It's also a google sheet and it looks not much better, but it's very neat to get a quick run through current good hardware

Jo's HW Guide

Completing the trio of google sheets with hardware recommendations

Sarp's Lube reviews

Sarps run-down of different lubes integrating community feedback and his own experiences. (The actual reviews are in the google sheets tabs, if that's not clear)


Albert has moved on to better things (becoming a dad among them), but in his time he made a lot of fantastic content focusing on the hardware and engineering of cubes, much of it is still very relevant 

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