WCA 3x3

Move Right Up Front Left Down Back
○○● +90° R U F L D B
○○● -90° R' U' F' L' D' B'
○○● +180° R2 U2 F2 L2 D2 B2
○○● -180° R2' U2' F2' L2' D2' B2'
○●● +90° Rw Uw Fw Lw Dw Bw
○●● -90° Rw' Uw' Fw' Lw' Dw' Bw'
○●● +180° Rw2 Uw2 Fw2 Lw2 Dw2 Bw2
○●● -180° Rw2' Uw2' Fw2' Lw2' Dw2' Bw2'
●●● +90° [r] [l'] x [u] [d'] y [f] [b'] z [l] [r'] x' [d] [u'] y' [b] [f'] z'
●●● +180° [r2] [l2'] x2 [u2] [d2'] y2 [f2] [b2'] z2 [l2] [r2'] x2' [d2] [u2'] y2' [b2] [f2'] z2'
○●○ +90° M' E' S M E S'
○●○ +180° M2' E2' S2 M2 E2 S2'
●○● +90°
●○● +180°

The following description is an excerpt of article 12 "Notation" of the World Cube Association Competition (WCA) regulations from July 3, 2009.


Article 12: Notation

12a) Notation for Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles:

Face Moves:
12a1) Clockwise, 90 degrees: F (front face), B (back face), R (right face), L (left face), U (upper face), D (bottom face).
12a2) Counter clockwise, 90 degrees: F', B', R', L', U', D' (see 12a1).
12a3) Clockwise, 180 degrees: F2, B2, R2, L2, U2, D2 (see 12a1).
12a4) Counter clockwise, 180 degrees: F2', B2', R2', L2', U2', D2' (see 12a1).

Double Outer Slice Moves (outer slice plus adjacent inner slice):
12a5) Clockwise, 90 degrees: Fw, Bw, Rw, Lw, Uw, Dw. (see 12a1).
12a6) Counter clockwise, 90 degrees: Fw', Bw', Rw', Lw', Uw', Dw' (see 12a5).
12a7) Clockwise, 180 degrees: Fw2, Bw2, Rw2, Lw2, Uw2, Dw2 (see 12a5).
12a8) Counter clockwise, 180 degrees: Fw2', Bw2', Rw2', Lw2', Uw2', Dw2' (see 12a5).

Inner Slice Moves (adjacent slice of outer slice only):
12a9) Clockwise, 90 degrees: f, b, r, l, u, d. (see 12a1).
12a10) Counter clockwise, 90 degrees: f', b', r', l', u', d' (see 12a9).
12a11) Clockwise, 180 degrees: f2, b2, r2, l2, u2, d2 (see 12a9).
12a12) Counter clockwise, 180 degrees: f2', b2', r2', l2', u2', d2' (see 12a9).

Middle Slice Moves (middle slice of puzzles with odd number of slices, middle two slices of puzzles with even number of slices):
12a13) Clockwise, 90 degrees: M (same direction as L), S (same direction as F), E (same direction as D). (see 12a1).
12a14) Counter clockwise, 90 degrees: M', S', E' (see 12a13).
12a15) Clockwise, 180 degrees: M2, S2, E2 (see 12a13).
12a16) Counter clockwise, 180 degrees: M2', S2', E2' (see 12a13).

Half Turn Metric (HTM) is defined as:
12a17) Each move of the categories Face Moves and Double Outer Slice Moves is counted as 1 move.
12a18) Each move of the categories Inner Slice Moves and Middle Slice Moves is counted as 2 moves.
12a19) Each rotation is counted as 0 moves.

12b) Rotations for all cube shaped puzzles:

12b1) Clockwise, 90 degrees: [f] or z, [b] or z', [r] or x, [l] or x', [u] or y, [d] or y'. (see 12a1).
12b2) Counter clockwise, 90 degrees: [f'] or z', [b'] or z, [r'] or x', [l'] or x, [u'] or y', [d'] or y (see 12b1).
12b3) Clockwise, 180 degrees: [f2] or z2, [b2] or z2, [r2] or x2, [l2] or x2, [u2] or y2, [d2] or y2 (see 12b1).
12b4) Counter clockwise, 180 degrees: [f2'] or z2', [b2'] or z2', [r2'] or x2', [l2'] or x2', [u2'] or y2', [d2'] or y2' (see 12b1).

World Cube Association Competition 2009-07-03