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Rubik's 22 Studio Hungary 2000

Rubik's Studio Hungary 2000.

This is the only firm that make a Rubik's cube with the 1980 logo. The plastic and internal is different from an Oddzon or cube.

The Studio cubes are produced under the controle of Rubik's Studio, the firm owned by Erno Rubik, this cube has:

    a 1980 type logo the straight logo
    color scheme is white opposite Yellow
    has vinyl stickers
    The centers are fixed with a screw, so you can tune the tension!
    The new Rubik Studio  has the orange face is bright orange the 1980 bright orange!

The plastic is suitable for lubrication for speedcubing with silicon spray,
the plastic is a bit "soft", *NOTE HOWEVER* you must lubricate the cube, the
cube is very stiff when new!