Gold Cube
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Golden Cube

The Fisher's Golden Cube, the mechanisme is based on a normal skewb. As you might know a skewb has 9 ball barring positions (you hear a clicking sound). At start you have to move one click to put the Golden Cube in a starting postions of a normal skewb. So the Colden Cube is a offset skewb with instead all different colors is has one color and all different shaped pieces. It is comparable with a ultimate skewb for the solution method.


The Golden Cube from all sides

G34.JPG (17585 bytes)G35.JPG (16845 bytes)

G36.JPG (18674 bytes)G37.JPG (19737 bytes)

G38.JPG (21604 bytes)G39.JPG (21463 bytes)


G40.JPG (17750 bytes)G41.JPG (20434 bytes)

Disassemble a skweb

Skewb1.JPG (20001 bytes)   Disassemble position

Put the Skewb in disassemble postion and pull one center segment up.

Skewb2.JPG (26712 bytes)

Skewb3.JPG (27143 bytes)

Skewb parts, compare them with the Golden Cube parts!


The Colden cube parts and assemble the Golden Cube

G7.JPG (22599 bytes)

G8.JPG (14743 bytes) G9.JPG (16926 bytes)

G10.JPG (12492 bytes)G11.JPG (23604 bytes)

G12.JPG (9496 bytes)G14.JPG (18746 bytes)


G15.JPG (13811 bytes) G17.JPG (19189 bytes)

G18.JPG (9509 bytes) G20.JPG (20734 bytes)

G21.JPG (8474 bytes) G23.JPG (10786 bytes) G25.JPG (31235 bytes)

G26.JPG (7832 bytes) G28.JPG (26495 bytes)

G29.JPG (7897 bytes) G31.JPG (22001 bytes)

G32.JPG (10361 bytes)