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Magic Cube Logical Games

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Magic Cube Logical Games (Bela Szalai) 1980 USA

Magic cube from Logical Games (LGI) USA founded by Bela Szalai the Founding Father of Rubik's-Cube Culture in the USA. Bela first saw the Cube in August of 1978, during a trip to visit his relatives in Hungary. After many delays he was able to get some Cubes wholesale from the Hungarian government --- but the Communist bureaucracy wanted $1 million for exclusive rights to distribute the things in the Western world. See for complete tekst Martin Schönert's Cube Lover pages Mark Zimmermann visit Bela Szalai


This white plastic cube dated 1980 and was the first USA cube, it is has the same mechanics as the early Politechnica Cube. LGI used white plastic so that it will be possible to print the colors on via "pad printing", the same process whereby labels are put on some shampoo bottles. But I assume this never happened after Politechnica failed in printing the colors on the cube.


Internal cubes are quite solid and the cube is very heavy (150 gr) compared to a normal cube 110 gr

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The cube was produced by Bela and his family, cube manufacturing is quite labor-intensive:
4 minutes to tap in and glue the caps to cover the internal 6th face of edge and corner cubelets for the 20 pieces necessary to make one 3x3x3;
1 minute to assemble with screws and springs five out of six swivels (central Cube faces) onto the middle cross;
1 minute to assemble the pieces and screw in the last central face;
4 minutes to perform final adjustment: apply silicone grease, torque up all the screws evenly, rotate the Cube every which way to test it out, and then tap in and glue the six central face caps over the screws; and finally
6 minutes to apply the color squares to the faces.


Inlay and instructions

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