Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We are a media company or newspaper and want to cover the European Rubik's Cube Championship. What should we do?
Answer: Please send an e-mail to David Hedley Jones with your plans.

Question: Are all puzzle brands and sticker brands allowed?
Answer: All puzzle and sticker brands are allowed, but puzzles and stickers must comply to the WCA regulations.

Question: Why am I selected to compete in the qualification round?
Answer: To manage the time schedule we need to set a limit of competitors for all events on Saturday and Sunday.
For the main events there will be qualification rounds if there are more competitors than the limits.
Competitors who do not meet the direct qualification requirements for a main event, have to compete in the qualification round of the event.
The best competitors in the qualification rounds qualify for the first rounds.

Question: Why are there time limits? How do they work?
Answer: For each event there is a time limit, to make sure that the time schedule for the championship can be followed.
A competitor must solve the puzzle inside the time limit. If a competitor passes the time limit, then the judge may stop the solve. The main judge for the event decides whether a competitor is allowed to continue with the remaining solves of the round.

Question: Is it possible to have some unofficial events like one-handed 2x2 or blindfolded Magic?
Answer: No, we will not organise unofficial events. The time schedule is already very busy with 17 official events. Of course you are free to show your abilities during the informal meetings.

Question: Do I need to register all my guests?
Answer: Yes, because all registered guests will receive a named badge, which gives free entrance to the championship venue and access to the competition area of the venue.
All non-registered guests will have to pay for entrance and only have access to the public area of the venue.